About Slip Doctors

Our passion for this business grows out of the fact that slip-and-fall injuries can be devastating, life-changing events, particularly for our older and most vulnerable citizens. But the fact is, both young and old are susceptible to the devastation of slip-and-fall injuries. Yet there are simple and inexpensive steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of a devastating injury. Remember, after a fall occurs, it’s too late to engage in slip-prevention. The time to prevent a fall is before it happens! Slipdoctors expanding into global market because many existing customers are international brands and feedback for products is magnificent.

Slipdoctors products

Slip Doctors has developed several methods for improving traction on tiles, stone, VCT, porcelain, concrete, ceramic, acrylic, fiberglass and most other surfaces commonly found on walking surfaces, boat decks, porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs, showers, wood – even synthetic surfaces. The application of our products is easy and will result in marked improvement in surface traction.

Facts regarding slips & falls

  • In australia the median payout for serious claims is $6000 per claim and that over a quarter of all claims made by workers every year in australia for falls,trips and slip.
  • In australia slip & fall claims cost an estimated 3 billion dollars.
  • A business has a duty and care to provide a save environment for staff,customers and visitors .and that breaching that care of duty can incur a fine between $55000 to $825000.
  • In 2004/2005 the average cost to a business for a slip or fall including direct costs and loss of work ,from an employee was $18900
  • Slip and falls claims account for 16% of all insurance payout’s and 26% of all costs.
  • Approximately 60% of all slip and fall accidents occure on the same level
  • The estimated cost in nsw for slip and falls for citizen aged 65 and over ,was almost $600 million dollars
  • It is estimated that 2015 slip and falls will cost australia almost $1,4 billion dollars a year,that only for the elderly which will account for only 25%of the population
  • Slip and falls are the second leading cause of fatalities in the world.

Australian standards for slip resistance. - Click here