Anti-Slip Paint & Coatings for Concrete

SlipDoctors offer a range of premium anti-slip coatings, sealants and paints for indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces

Slippery concrete surfaces can lead to dangerous slips, trips and falls. For certain surfaces, you need to invest in tough and chemical resistant non-slip coating to increase traction. With over 10 years of experience in the field and by understanding the needs of our customers we have been able to develop a comprehensive and unique range of waterproof, abrasion-resistant, and low maintenance anti-slip concrete coating solutions. These solutions can be used indoors and outdoors in retail, commercial, industrial and residential environments. Our non-slip concrete solutions are easy to apply and can protect areas from slip-and-fall accidents for many years with our industry leading 2 year warranty.

Browse our anti-slip concrete coatings, treatments and paint range that includes:

Anti-Slip Concrete Treatment

The first solution in our concrete products range is our anti-slip concrete treatment, Stone Grip. This anti-slip treatment for concrete is our best seller and can dramatically increase traction and improve safety on dry and wet concrete surfaces. Stone Grip is easy to apply with a sprayer, microfiber T-mop or Stone Grip Applicator. The non-slip treatment creates microscopic treads in the concrete surface to increase traction within minutes. Stone Grip can also be used on all porcelain, stone or ceramic surfaces with no change in appearance. Click here for more

Anti-Slip Concrete Coating

Looking for an anti-slip concrete sealer? Deck Grip is a non-yellowing, water-based acrylic anti-slip sealer for concrete and other stone surfaces. After applying the non-slip solution to the slippery concrete, our versatile Deck Grip sealer will create a clear, semi-gloss coating. This anti-slip concrete finish is chemical-resistant, UV-resistant and extremely durable. Deck Grip is the perfect solution to treat slippery concrete pool areas, driveways, concrete patios and natural stone surfaces where anti-slip protection is required. Click here for more.

Non-Skid Concrete Paint

Rather than treating or sealing some may prefer an anti-skid concrete paint that creates a hard, durable barefoot-friendly textured surface. Here at SlipDoctors we have industry leading non-slip concrete paint products that come in multiple color options. Our first paint product is Dura Grip, specifically designed to prevent slips and falls on slippery concrete surfaces whilst being built to last. This anti-skid concrete paint is perfect for both commercial and residential areas and can also be used to protect boat decks. Click here for more.

Our second anti-skid paint product is Tuff Grip, a high-performance urethane anti-slip paint coating designed to provide an aggressive and highly textured anti-slip effect on a variety of concrete surfaces. This product is hard-wearing and can withstand all weather conditions. It offers a reassuringly safe anti-slip concrete surface and is ideal for use on loading ramps, walkways, warehouse floors, machine-operating areas and factory floors. Click here for more.