Slippery metal surfaces can be a major hazard! SlipDoctors stocks a range of industry-leading non-slip coatings for many types of steel and metal surfaces. 

The lack of traction on metal surfaces is a common issue that can lead to dangerous falls on metal floors, steps, stairs, and ramps. You need to secure these areas and coat these surfaces in high-traction safety products with unmatched quality. SlipDoctors’ non-slip paint coatings for metal provide exceptional anti-slip protection.

With over 10 years of experience in the field of slip prevention on a variety of surfaces, SlipDoctors understand the needs of our customers. Our non-slip metal flooring solutions increase traction and last a minimum of 2 years, when applied properly.

Browse our anti-slip metal coating options below:

Anti-Slip Epoxy Coating for Metal

Seeking a coating that is designed to provide a tough textured surface that is safe for foot traffic in both wet and dry conditions? SlipDoctor’s chemical-resistant non-slip epoxy coating is durable, light texture and easy to use on a variety of metal substrates. Typical applications for this type of coating include boat decks, trailers, stairs, locker and laundry rooms and other residential and industrial areas where non-slip protection is needed. Our non-slip epoxy coating is available in a variety of colors. Click here for more about Dura Grip.

Anti-Slip Urethane Coating for Metal

When you need an extreme level of traction your best option is the SlipDoctor’s extra tough and high-performance urethane coating designed to provide a rigid and deep textured anti-slip surface on metal floors. SlipDoctor’s non-slip urethane paint coating for metal offers outstanding resistance, has a quick drying time of 4 to 6 hours and provides chemical and corrosion resistance. Ideal for use on loading ramps, walkways, warehouse floors, machine-operating areas and other surfaces where high traction is required. Our non-slip urethane coating is available in a range of colors. Click here for more about Tuff Grip Extreme.

Not sure which non-slip for metal coating is best for you? Give us a call today and our specialized team will be happy to assist you.