SlipDoctors specializes in a range of bath and shower anti-slip products for all those slippery surfaces in your bathroom.

The combination of soap, water, and smooth surfaces can make your bath or shower floors some of the most slippery areas in the home. Slippery bathtubs and showers lead to many serious slip-and-fall accidents every year. The quickest and easiest way to make these surfaces less slippery is to add traction by applying anti-slip products. Prevent dangerous slips and falls by treating surfaces with SlipDoctors’ effective, inexpensive non-slip bath and non-slip shower products.

At SlipDoctors we take quality and slip-injury prevention into account with all our non-slip bath and shower coatings and paint products. Our products are easy to apply and were designed to help prevent unnecessary slips in the bathtub and shower, while keeping the surface barefoot-friendly. Our products also do not require any ongoing maintenance apart from cleaning, they add traction and have no unfavorable impact on the appearance of your shower or tub.

Below you will find our non-slip shower and bath product range, including:

Anti-Slip Spray for Fiberglass and Acrylic

If you’re looking for a non-slip spray that works efficiently and effectively on fiberglass, acrylic and most other surfaces, go for SlipDoctors’ Anti-Slip Spray available in clear or white. Our non-slip spray is the highest rated aerosol spray for fiberglass and acrylic found on the market! This barefoot-friendly product is an epoxy aerosol spray that provides a hard, textured finish that prevents dangerous slips. Anti-Slip Spray for Fiberglass and Acrylic is lead-free, and chemical, gas and oil resistant. Click here for more.

Bathtub Kit Anti-Slip for Porcelain & Ceramic

Don’t wait for you, a member of your family or customer to have a dangerous slip in the bathroom! Invest in SlipDoctors’ Bathtub Kit for Porcelain or Ceramic Tubs & Showers for your slippery bath and shower surfaces. This exclusive, affordable and easy-to-apply treatment was designed for both bathtubs and showers. The kit is the perfect solution to treat porcelain or ceramic bathtubs and showers and takes only 10 minutes to apply. Click here for more.