100mm Class 2 Reflective Tape 45.7m roll



REFLECTIVE TAPE CLASS 2 Feature: Untearable, easy operation; Application: Advertisement signs, Bollards, temporary work zone signs or other markings. Service life: 3-5 years dependent on different applications Roll Size: 50mm & 100mm x 9 Meter & 45.7 Meters Rolls Available colours: white/red, black/yellow, white/green, white/blue, yellow/red, plain red, yellow, silver & green Other technical data: 1. Surface Film: PET Type 2. Thickness of film: 0.11mm, Thickness of Glue:0.03mm Thickness of Release Paper: 0.13m total thickness of products: 0.27mm 3. Weight of Release Paper: 130g/sqm 4. Type of Adhesive: Pressure-Sensitive Type 5. Strength of Adhesive: at the condition of 0.8kg, 5min, total length: 10cm, the falling Length≤ 2cm 6. Operation temperature: 5 ℃—-30 ℃ 7. Working temperature: -20℃ — 60℃ 8. Weight per sqm: 365g


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