100mm x 18.3m Anti-slip Self Adhesive Tape – Black



When it comes to safety in your home or workplace, stairs and step areas should never be overlooked. Applying abrasive anti slip tape is one of the best choices you can make to help prevent slips and falls. Abrasive anti slip tapes are used in homes, on ramps, on trucks and on most commercial and industrial stair cases. SURFACE PREPARTION Tape must be applied to a clean, dry, grease & dust free surface. Cleaning surface with Acetone will remove all contaminants without leaving a residue. Very smooth & high gloss surfaces should be lightly scuffed using a wet & dry abrasive pad or sand paper followed by cleaning. Remove the release paper and press firmly into position to obtain maximum benefit from the pressure sensitive adhesive. For best results all finished square edges should be cut and left rounded. We recommend where possible to apply the tape when temperatures are above 20C. Rolling over the tape as it is applied will remove any entrapped air and will aid adhesion. SURFACE PRIMER We recommend the use of our Floorsafe Surface Primer product to aid adhesion. A quick drying water based product which is simply applied by brush or roller. FLOORSAFE AUSTRALIA RANGE OF SELF-ADHESIVE TAPES Standard 60# grit tapes and most colours and width sizes. 36# grit tapes in Yellow & black Checker plate anti-slip self-adhesive tapes in black, yellow & black/yellow diagonal stripe. Non-abrasive tapes in Clear, black & white Luminous glow-in-the-dark tape 25mm & 50mm Photoluminous tapes in Black/white diagonal stripe & black with centre luminous strip.


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