50mm x 18.3m self-adhesive non-abrasive tape



Suitable for polished timber stairways, Fibreglass showers & bathtubs, and areas where safety needs to be applied without changing the look of the surface. Non-abrasive self- adhesive tapes are tough & durable and provide an excellent slip resistance because of the grip provided by the uneven vinyl surface finish of the tape. Unlike products that have a sandpaper type finish the non-abrasive product causes no discomfort to bear feet. TEST RESULTS: Test carried out April 2015 under AS/NZS 4586:2013 Appendix A Classification of surface materials the self-adhesive tape achieves a classification of a P3 which is equivalent to a very low contribution to the risk of slipping when wet. When tested with a wet Pendulum the product reached a mean BPN>40. SURFACE PREPARATION & APPLICATION Apply tape only to a clean, dry, grease & dust free surface. Press firmly into position to obtain maximum benefit from the pressure sensitive adhesive. Best adhesion at 23C. At low temperatures there is a chance of condensation forming & the tack of the adhesive can be reduced. AVAILABLE SIZES 25mm, 50mm & 125mm x 18.3M rolls are standard stock sizes. Other widths can be obtained on request.


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