Anti-Slip Spray for Fiberglass and Acrylic




Non-Slip Spray works effectively on Fiberglass, Acrylic and most other surfaces. Available in Clear or White. Our Non-Slip spray is the highest rated aerosol spray for fiberglass/acrylic found on the market! SlipDoctors Non-Slip Spray is an epoxy aerosol that provides a hard, textured finish to help to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. It is barefoot friendly, lead-free, and chemical, gas and oil resistant.

It is ideal for both interior and exterior surfaces, it is designed for areas where water is present or slippery conditions exist such as fiberglass and acrylic bathtubs and showers, properly prepared wood, concrete, metal, tile, porcelain/ceramic and many other surfaces. This convenient aerosol spray is the perfect solution to treat small or irregularly shaped surfaces where increased traction is desired. One can covers up to 15 sq. ft.

Even when wet, your slippery floor’s slip resistance after the non-slip solution will surpass ANSI A137.1, A326.3 or B101.3 standards.

0.43 Wet DCOF – ANSI B101.3
0.45 Wet DCOF – ANSI A137.1 / A326.3
0.65 Wet SCOF – ANSI B101.1

Pendulum Test Values – Slider #55
DRY -96 WET -53 – Slip Risk – LOW


Suggested Uses

– Fiberglass & Acrylic Bathtubs / Showers
– Kitchens & Bathrooms
– Pool Decks, Ladders & Steps
– Boats & Trailers
– Gyms & Spas
– Hotels & Resorts
– Residential & Commercial Use


Single          Case

Coverage per Sq Ft.       15             180

Cost per Sq Ft (Appx.)  $2.33.       $2.13


• One can of SlipDoctors Non-Slip Spray
• Painter‘s Tape
• Painter’s Paper

Note: for porcelain bathtubs, please repair any chips prior to application. Repair kits can be purchased at your local home improvement store


Note: we do not recommend using black sandpaper, as it can leave behind small black dots that may be visible after using the clear spray

Always test a small area for color compatibility and adhesion. Fiberglass/Acrylic:Lightly sand with 220 grit sand paper to promote adhesion.

Clean surface with soap and water or wipe with clean cloth and lacquer thinner (or another cleaner that does not leave a lm or residue) to remove all sanding dust. Allow to dry thoroughly. For other surface preparation instructions, please visit the technical page on


Step 1: Surface should be dry, clean and free of oil, wax, dirt, loose paint and other contaminants.
Step 2: After entire surface is completely dry, properly ventilate room by opening windows, doors, turning on ceiling fans, etc.
Step 3: Tape off application area with painter’s tape.
Step 4: Mix contents of can well by shaking until the ball rattles within the can. Once ball rattles, continue to shake vigorously for 2-3 minutes. During use, shake intermittently for 10 seconds to keep product mixed.
Step 5: Use painter’s paper to protect surround-ing areas from overspray. (Figure B)Spray 6 – 12 inches away from surface in a sweeping motion during application. Applying 2-3 light coats will cure, protect and look better than one heavy coat.
Step 6: If spray stops or is irregular, turn can upside down and spray for 2-3 seconds to clear nozzle. Wipe tip, shake can and resume.
Step 7: Slowly remove all tape and paper shortly after application. Allow 24 hours before use to allow product to fully cure. If product will be subject to prolonged periods of soaking in water, allow 48 hours before use to fully cure.


• Remove overspray with paint thinner or lacquer thinner.
• IMPORTANT: Before storing partial can, clean valve immediately after use. To clean, hold can upside down and spray until only clear gas comes out (approximately 3 – 5 seconds), then wipe tip and store.
• If spray valve becomes clogged, pull off and clean in lacquer thinner. Replace spray valve pointing opening away from body.
• If desired to remove product, use acetone. For more details, refer to the Non-Slip Spray Clear and White Technical Data Sheet.


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