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DE refers to denatured Ethanol and is considered an effective virudical disinfectant. Alcohol as a disinfectant and sanitiser is commonly used alongside other cleaning and disinfectant agents to hygienically clean surfaces. E-Kleen’s DE Alcohol Disinfectant Spray is perfect for the home or office. Please Note: Alcohols are not recommended for sterilising medical and surgical materials as they do not provide sporicidal action and are unable to penetrate protein rich material. What Percentage Blend? In the case of DE Alcohol a higher percentage doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more effective and killing bacteria. In fact, the effectiveness of DE Alcohol increases in the presence of water. The optimum concentration for disinfection purposes is a solution with between 60% – 90% v/v of DE Alcohol ekleen’s DE Alcohol Disinfectant Spray contains 70% v/v of ethanol Pros of Using the DE Alcohol Disinfectant Spray ï‚· Bactericidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal, virucidal ï‚· Fast-acting ï‚· Noncorrosive ï‚· Non staining ï‚· Fast evaporation Evaporation All disinfectants rely on contact time to be effective. Alcohol solutions tend to evaporate quickly when applied to surfaces which limits the contact time. E-Kleen’s DE Alcohol Disinfectant spray contains a specialised surfactant which allows for greater contact time making the product more effective. Instructions 1. First it is important to clean the surface first with detergent or household cleaner to remove any visible food, dirt, grim etc 2. Rinse the surface with water and dry 3. Spray DE Disinfectant Spray onto the surface – Ensure the whole surface is in contact with the liquid. 4. Leave spray on surface for 2-5 minutes 5. For optimum results wipe the surface to physically remove any contaminants. Available products The e-Kleen’s DE Alcohol Disinfectant Spray is available in 500ml spray bottles and refill bottles. All products are supplied ready to use so can be applied directly onto the hard surface to be sanitised. DE Alcohol Disinfectant Spray can damage rubber and plastic materials and deteriorate glue.


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