Plastic Tactile Stud with Stem


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Technical Data ï‚· Code: T09 ï‚· Type: Warning tactile ï‚· Material: PVC Polyurethane Blend o Density:1390 Kg/m³ o Heat Transfer Coefficient: 0.16W/(m.K) o Melting Point: 250°C o Effective Head of Combustion: 17.95 MJ/KG o Tensile Strength: 50-80MPa o Elongation at break: 20-40% o Notch Test: 2-5 Kj/m² o Young’s Modulus: 2900-3300 Mpa ï‚· Dimensions: Outer Diameter 35mm x top diameter 25mm x Height 4.5mm ï‚· Stem: 19mm x 8mm Diameter ï‚· Slip Rating: P5 (test report available on request) Installation Instructions 1. Use masking tape mark the area where the tactiles have to be installed. 2. Place the tactile template into position and tape corners to hold the template firm. 3. Using an 8mm diameter drill bit drill holes 20mm deep. 4. Once the holes in the plate have been completely drilled, remove and vacuum up to remove dust from in and around the holes. OPTION: You can if you wish place a small amount of adhesive into drilled holes before inserting tactile. 5. Place stem of Tactile into hole and tap in firmly with rubber hammer. Do not install Tactiles in the last line of holes if you are continuing to use template. Place the first row of the template holes over the last row of drilled holes. This will make sure the line will continue to run straight. Continue as 2 – 5 above.


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