Quick-Fix self-adhesive Solid brass Tactile Indicator T03SA



Technical Data ï‚· Code: T03SA ï‚· Material: Solid brass with 3M self-adhesive bonding compound ï‚· Dimensions: Outer Diameter 35mm x top diameter 25mm x Height 4.5mm ï‚· Slip Rating: P5 (test report available on request) Features ï‚· Produced with polished finish ï‚· 8 Year warranty against rust & corrosion Installation Instructions Make sure you remove any debris & dust and make sure the surface is completely dry. Suitable Surfaces: Surfaces must be FLAT and SMOOTH e.g. tiles, concrete, timber, bluestone, stone, bitumen, metal etc. 1. Use masking tape to mark the area where the tactiles have to be installed. 2. Place the template into position and tape corners to hold the template firm. 3. Remove Release Paper from the back of the tactile and simply drop the tactile into template 4. Using a rubber hammer tap lightly to make sure full adhesion occurs 5. Once the template is complete with the tactiles lift and remove it. 6. To continue place the first 3 circle rows on the template over the last 3 rows of completed tactiles. This will make sure the line is running straight. Continue as item 3.


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