RC20BLK 5mm x 50mm x 3620mm



RC20 Franklin anodised aluminium carborundum step inlay 50mm x 5mm is available in three versions. A clear anodised aluminium with a choice of black or yellow inserts. All black anodised aluminium with black inserts. This quality manufactured product has been designed & manufactured to be installed into internal & external rebated steps where safety and appearance is of upmost importance. The features of this product is that it looks attractive, is extremely hard wearing and is a great choice when it comes to providing the upmost in safety on steps inside or outside. Ultimate In Anti-Slip Safety The carborundum inserts provides the highest possible safety rating and is particularly suitable for external wet areas. It exceeds the requirements of the Australian/New Zealand Standards for anti-slip AS4586:2004, Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials and the National Construction Code. Compliance: The width being 50mm complies to the AS/NZ Standards 1428.1 & access mobility Part 1. Luminous contrast AS1428.1:2009 Floorsafe Australia can & will provide you with a Luminous contrast percentage reading. Please provide us with the surface colour the product is going to be installed upon. Size: 5mm x 50mm Length: Available in 3600mm lengths or custom cut to required size Warranty: 5 Year wear warranty under normal foot traffic Fixing: In most instances the inlay can be installed using a good quality adhesive.


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