RCF10CBLK Aluminium Stair Nosing



RCF10C black anodised aluminium stair nosing is designed for installation over new and existing steps and stairways. With a black anodised finish the RCF10CBLK stair nosing comes with a hard wearing 50mm Fibreglass carborundum insert in order to provide anti-slip resistance particularly when wet. Compliance Floorsafe Australia’s RCF10CBLK profile meets the following requirements: ï‚· AS4586:2013 – Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials ï‚· HB 198:2014 – Guide to the specification and testing of slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces ï‚· NCC – Volume 1 clause D2.13 section (v) part (B) ï‚· NCC – Volume 1 clause D3.3 section (a) ï‚· NCC- Volume 2 clause section (a) part (ii) ï‚· AS1428.1:2009 Part 1 – Design for access and mobility: General requirements for access – New building works Slip Resistance rubber inserts have a mean wet slip resistance value (SRV) of 66 and a slip resistance classification of P5. Test report available upon request Luminous Contrast Stair nosings are required to have a 30% luminance contrast between the surface and the tread insert. The light reflectance value (LRV) of rubber inserts have been tested in accordance wtih AS1428.1-2009 Appendix B and the results are as follows: Yellow – Dry = 48.01 / Wet = 42.06 Black – Dry = 3.36 / Wet = 3.91 Grey – Dry = 17.81 / Wet = 16.34


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