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Our best seller! Stone Grip Non-Slip Tile Treatment for Porcelain Tiles, Ceramic Tiles & Stone Floors. Stone Grip anti-slip tile and stone floor treatment will dramatically increase traction and improve safety on slippery floors even when wet. The slip resistance will surpass guidelines recommended by ADA/ANSI for floor safety, work best in wet barefoot or shoe conditions.

Stone Grip is an easy to apply slip solution with a sprayer, microfiber T-mop . Follow the instructions to clean and dry the floor, apply the anti-slip grip treatment and rinse it off. Stone Grip anti-slip coating creates microscopic treads to increase traction on tiles, concrete and stone floors in minutes.

APPLICATOR of Stone Grip – $12

Even when wet, your slippery floor’s slip resistance after the non-slip solution will surpass ANSI A137.1, A326.3 or B101.3 standards.

0.59 Wet DCOF – ANSI B101.3
0.63 Wet DCOF – ANSI A137.1 / A326.3
0.72 Wet SCOF – ANSI B101.1

Stone Grip is ideal for any indoor or outdoor situations for use on all porcelain, stone or ceramic surfaces with no change in appearance.


HOW IT WORKS: Stone Grip anti-slip tile and stone floor application works with the minerals in the natural flooring surface to microscopically transform the surface by creating micro-treads that increase traction. After treatment of the anti-slip coating, these micro-treads create more “grip” on tile or concrete that helps prevent slips and falls…especially on wet surfaces…with little or no change the appearance. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Available in quart (treats up to 100 sq. ft) and gallon (treats up to 400 sq. ft).

SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE: Stone Grip’s anti-slip has no odor and requires minimal surface prep prior to the treatment. Ideal for any indoor or outdoor area.  Read and follow label instructions carefully. Clean and dry the slippery floor, perform a test on your tile to determine treatment time, apply Stone Grip’s non-slip liquid using a microfiber T-mop or garden tank sprayer, neutralize with a mixture of baking soda & water (or plenty of water), rinse and that’s it! No dry time…Stone Grip anti-slip grip makes your surface ready for immediate use! Typical treatment time is 5-15 minutes. 

ON-GOING MAINTENANCE: The best way of preventing slips and retaining slip resistance after the Stone Grip application is a strong maintenance plan.


Quart Gallon 4-Gallon Case
Coverage per Sq Ft 75 400 1,600
Cost per Sq Ft (Appx.) $0.60 $0.21 $0.20
Applicators Included 1
Volume (liters) 0.97 3.78 18.92
• 2 Buckets or 2 small tank sprayers
• Microfiber T-mop(Do NOTuse string mop head) or Stone Grip Applicator
• Rubber-soled shoe for testing the floors before, during and after treatment
• Baking soda is required for neutralizer(preparation directions below)
• Wet/Dry vacuumor Squeegee(optional)REQUIRED SAFETY EQUIPMENT:
• Chemical-resistant gloves must be worn at all times
• Clothing to cover all skin areas
• Eye protection
• Rubber boots
• Mask (optional)NOTE: Avoid solution contact with all metal and glass surfaces.If possible, remove these items temporarily from the area to be treated; or use waterproof duct tape or plastic to fully coverthese surfaces.Use special precaution with drain covers in a shower, bathtub or wet area. When opening the container, keep the opened container on the surface that is to be treated in case of a spill. Do not set bottle on countertops. Always use towels on ground to avoid spills.



Step 1: Prepare the Neutralizer: Fill a bucket or small tank sprayer with clean tap water. Add one or two tablespoons of baking soda per gallon of water and mix well. Set aside to use when needed.

Step 2: Surface Preparation: Thoroughly clean the surface to be treated prior to treatment using a pH-neutral or slightly acidic cleaner.For new floors, make sure all grout residues are removed from the tiles. The floor may need to be rinsed multiple times to remove all former cleaning products. Note: If there is a top coat sealer on the floor, it should be removed before treatment is started. Stone Grip is compatible with most Penetrating Sealers.


Step 1: Sample Testing: Before initial treatment, test on one tile in aninconspicuous area of your floor. Thoroughly clean and dry the test tile. Spread a small amount of the solution completely over the test tile and note the time. Every 30 seconds, use a rubber-soled shoe to apply downward pressure and tryto slide the shoe along the treated surface. DO NOT LET STONE GRIP DRY ON THE SURFACE. When you feel you have achieved the level of slip resistance you desire, rinse the test tile with the prepared neutralizer. Make note of the total amount of time you left the solution on the tile. Typically, this time will be between 5-15 minutes.This is not a case where longer treatment time is better. It is important not to over-treat the surface. As soon as there is a reasonable resistance to the pressure of the shoe, you should apply the neutralizer.You can perform multiple tests if you are unsure of the initial test results.

Step 2: Review Test Results: Once you have achieved an acceptable level of slip resistance and applied the neutralizer, thoroughly rinse and dry the test tile and inspect it carefully to determine if there is anyvisible change in appearance.

If there is a visible change, you can perform another test on a different untreated tile and reduce the treatment time. Continue the testing process as before and inspect the new results. Once you are satisfied with the test results, you are ready to treat the remaining floor area. If you are unable to determine the correct treatment time for your flooring, please contact SlipDoctors Technical Support for assistance.


Step 1: Apply to Remaining Floor Area: Spread Stone Grip using a tank sprayer or bucket and applicator on an area ONLY as large as can be covered and subsequently neutralized consistent with the treatment time determined by the testing process. Do not let Stone Grip dry on the surface. Do not pour directly on the surface.It may be necessary to divide large areas into smaller sections for effective application. After the section has been treated for the amount of time determined in the testing process, apply the neutralizer. Repeat process for all sections until the entire floor has been treated. Thoroughly rinse entire treated area with clean water and dry with wet vacuum or squeegee.

To maintain your slip resistant surface, keep the surface clean and free from oil, grease and other contaminants by cleaning with an effective cleaner/degreaser, scrubbing with a deck brush to help remove build up and rinsing thoroughly with clean water. We recommend usingour Maintain Grip product to thoroughly clean the surface, remove grease build up and renew thenon-slip traction created by Stone Grip treatment. Maintain Grip can be purchased by calling us at1-888-436-5404 or by visiting our website

Want to know the friction level on your new slip-resistant floor? Contact SlipDoctorsat 1-888-436-5404for Testing (COF) Services


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