White non-abrasive anti-slip self- adhesive



It contains a balanced blend of cleaning surfactants and Floorsafe’s active anti-slip grip ingredient. The product when diluted easily removes deposits of grease, fats, oils & soaps whilst maintaining the grip effect achieved from the initial anti-slip treatment. Using this product on a regular basis will keep the floor hygienically clean and maintain the anti-slip treatment in premium condition for many years Directions for daily use: 1) Mix 1 part of CMC with 30 parts of water. 2) Mop or brush the mix solution over the floor. 3) Squeegee, vacuum or mop to remove waste solution. Dilution for regular use: Mix 1 part of CMC with 20 parts of water Dilution for monthly use: Mix 1 part of CMC with 10 parts of water Dilution to revitalise treatment: Mix 1 part with 5 parts of water. 5 Litres of CMC cleaner when diluted with 30 parts of water will clean approximately 2000 square metres of floor surface.


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